Transform Your Bathroom with a Stand-Alone Teak Shower Bench

When it comes to bathroom remodels, the addition of a shower bench can elevate both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. While built-in tile or marble benches are common, they may not be the best choice. At ARB Teak & Specialties, we believe that stand-alone teak shower benches offer numerous advantages that make them a superior option for any bathroom.



Why Choose a Stand-Alone Teak Shower Bench?

1. Avoid Loss of Space One of the major drawbacks of built-in shower benches is the permanent loss of space. Many clients experience buyer's remorse when they realize they rarely use the bench, but can't reclaim the space. A stand-alone teak bench, on the other hand, is easily movable, allowing you to optimize your shower space as needed.

2. Comfort and Safety Built-in marble or tile benches can be cold and slippery, making them uncomfortable and potentially hazardous. Teak, however, remains warm to the touch and is naturally anti-slip, even when wet. This ensures a more comfortable and safer shower experience.

3. Flexibility in Placement Teak benches offer flexibility in placement, allowing you to adjust the bench's position according to your preferences. Whether you need it closer to the water or want to create more space, a teak bench can be easily repositioned.

4. Low Maintenance Built-in benches often have corners that can turn into points of failure, leading to leaks and mold growth. Teak benches eliminate these concerns, providing a durable and low-maintenance solution.

5. Enhance Small Spaces A free-standing teak bench can make your shower look bigger, which is particularly beneficial for small bathrooms. The sleek design of teak complements any bathroom style, adding a touch of elegance.

6. Enjoy Water Stack With a built-in bench, the water flow may not reach the seating area properly. A teak bench allows you to position yourself comfortably under the water stream, enhancing your shower experience.

7. Natural Beauty Teak’s warm honey colour blends beautifully with glass, tile, and chrome fixtures, instantly transforming your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Add a teak shower floor for an even more luxurious feel.

8. Versatility Beyond the shower, a stand-alone teak bench can provide extra seating in other areas of your home. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your furniture collection.


Don't settle for the status quo in your bathroom remodels. A stand-alone teak shower bench not only enhances the functionality of your shower but also adds a touch of natural beauty and warmth. At ARB Teak & Specialties, we are passionate about Indonesian teak and its superior qualities. Transform your bathroom into a serene, spa-like haven with our exquisite teak products.

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