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Hot tub step 23.5" (60 cm)
A safer and easier way to step up to your hot tub
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Hawaii Bench 36" (90 cm)
Bench that can also be used as a side table
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BEN534 - Banc de douche Coach 36"(90 cm)
ARB Teak Bath & SPA
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Sustainable resources

Reforestation programs

We use legal wood sanctioned by the Indonesian Government and harvested at Perum Perhutani plantations to manufacture our products. In these plantations, teak trees are grown specifically for furniture fabrication, following strict forest development plans and reforestation programs without harming other vegetation.

The spa experience from the comfort of your own home

Our exceptional design, unparalleled quality, and world-class customer service have made us the preferred destination for all of your teak wood bath and patio needs.

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